Meet the team.

The faces behind the audio.


Elinor Hamilton

Elinor Hamilton – Co-Founder and Managing Director

Elinor spent 15 years as a freelance voiceover, before launching eLearning Voices to meet the increasingly varied needs of her clients. For reasons she doesn’t quite understand, complex medical narrations are her favourite scripts – particularly ones with very long and difficult words. Elinor manages our roster of global talent and is responsible for casting and creating the larger multi-voice projects. In her spare time, she wrangles teenagers, runs up mountains in the rain for fun, and presents her highly-acclaimed podcast, Tales from the Tannoy.


Ed Gardner

Ed Gardner – Business Director

Ed is a doctor of neuroscience by background, but has spent the last 25 years in business and technology consulting, with a particular interest in the psychology of learning. He’s not allowed anywhere near a microphone, but spends time developing the business and looking after our strategic partners and alliances. He enjoys ultra marathons for some reason, and once got a distinction in a singing exam for pretending to be the Artful Dodger at the age of 42.


Eddie Delag

Eddie Delag – Head of Production

Eddie is also known as Ed, which can get confusing, but only one Ed has multiple industry awards for audio production to his name. A skilled audio editor, he’s no stranger to tight deadlines and quick turnarounds. With experience on both sides of the microphone, from long eLearning narrations for multinational firms, to global games like FIFA and national TV ads, he’s lent his scissorhands to a variety of different productions. He has a dog, but bitterly regrets it.


Phil Sayer

Phil Sayer – Co-Founder

Phil founded eLearning Voices with Elinor in 2014. Although he died in 2016, his professionalism, attention to detail, and wicked sense of humour will always be a core part of the way we operate. Phil’s legacy lives on, but unfortunately this legacy includes a spotty dog. You can read more about Phil here.