How Does It All Work?

How does it all work-

Once your script has arrived with us, and you’ve picked your voiceover artist, we have a chat with the artist to talk about the content and pass on any direction you might want to give. We’ve hand-picked voice artists who are experts in recording e-learning, who can make the most boring toolbox talk sound engaging and fascinating. (OK, maybe not fascinating. It’s still a toolbox talk.) They will then record your script in their own studio, pass it back to us for editing and quality-checking, and we’ll turn their raw sound file into as many individual nuggets of wisdom as you need.


All you’ll need to do then is to upload the sound files to your software. We can make any type of file, from avi to wav, and if you’re not sure what you need we can help you to find out. All our audio is stored and backed up here in our archives, so if you have a disaster and lose everything at your end, we can always dig it out for you, and save the day.


There’s a real knack to reading e-learning, and although some of our voices are equally happy recording thirty-second TV and radio commercials about washing up liquid or watches, they’ve been chosen for their particular ability in the e-learning sector. To deliver a complex message, you need intelligence and skill, and that’s where our artists are the cream of the crop.